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Wong Jenn Ting is the Creative Director of FILC. He is also the CEO and founder of Anithink Creativity Education.

Wong Jenn Ting is a practising artist and was a lecturer in the Limkokwing University, teaching drawing and animation. He graduated from RMIT University in Australia with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia, majoring in 2D animation.

Jenn Ting is a creative and intuitive individual who is committed to inspire others with passion for arts. He strives to provide an atmosphere of creativity in his classroom that fosters individual students to achieve artistic excellence. He has written and illustrated several children books and will continue to write more.

FILC free book

Duck, A Love Story

"To the one who believes in love, everything happens for a reason. We may not know what is going to happen next but stay positive and let the reason be love." -Duck  Click here for free e-book download




Personalized storytelling through stop-motion animation. A comprehensive learning programme that involves storytelling, drawing, sculpting, recording sound and music. In this course, we aim to cultivate to children to become a creative movie animator.

Age: 7 years old & above

Learning Objective:
- Unlock children's imagination via story-telling and encourage empowerment through self-expression.
- Learn movie-making using animation techniques by combining music, stop-motion and digital arts.

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 Limited classes only.



A creativity development activity that use digital drawing as our learning tools. It is conducted using iPad / Android tablet. In this course, we aim to cultivate and prepare the children to become a graphic designer.

Age: 7 years old & above

Learning Objectives:
- Allows children to  learn the basic of digital drawing
- Learn to create digital artwork using cutting-edge digital tools and programs that are widely used by professionals.

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Limited classes only.



A creativity development activity that uses drawing & hands-on crafting as our learning tools. It is conducted with our proprietary designed creativity coursebook. In this course, we aim to cultivate the children's creative thinking to become an artist.

Age: 7 years old & above

Learning Objectives:
- Be imaginative and create abstract masterpiece.
- Learn the basic techniques of manual drawing, utilizing pencils, paintbrushes, crayons and varieties of modern drawing tools.

Limited classes only.


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