Welcome to ChromaGeeks.

We want to make a difference by what we love to do the most - ART.
Watch us, it’s showtime 🙂
ChromaGeeks will display the beauty in a spectrum of colours when displayed artistically showing expressions on paintings, drawings, sketching and digital art reflected by aspiring ChromaGeeks artists.
About ChromaGeeks
Hey! We are teenagers producing and selling digital art to our customers whom we aim to satisfy. We aim to improve the art scene and we’ll do our very best! We hope our products will satisfy you. We have two main artists: Reiko and Nesha, both with different and unique art styles! We also have Keene and Zen working together with our artists to help improve, manage and sell our products!
Our Mission
We aim to sell our works to make everyone satisfied while also having fun! We are also going to donate a portion of our earnings to charities.
Our Vision
With enough support, we will plan to bring our digital artworks onto posters, shirts and mugs. In this way people can appreciate our art in different ways!
Our Team
Hello Fellow People, Keene Speaking, the main marketer in our company. I’m 14 and I’m happy to participate in this company at such a young age. I have a Youtube channel and I have editing skills! I want to promote the best as possible to everyone and let people know about us more!
Hey, there I’m Nesha, an artist in ChromaGeeks. Making art is what I like to do. I have a big imagination that sticks by me. I’d like to make it all come to life in the form of a drawing. I’ll be one of the two artists making and selling artworks. For about 4 years I have been drawing and am 15. We’ll make it so you’ll enjoy our service in ChromaGeeks!
Hi people, I’m Reiko!! I’m a 13 year old artist in ChromaGeeks. Art is my hobby and passion. Creating and rendering my imagination onto a blank canvas is what I love doing most! I have been drawing for about 3-4 years. I’ll be one of the two artists producing artworks. I hope you’ll enjoy what we have in store!
Ello, Amigo! I’m Zen, a 13-year-old who is currently working in ChromaGeeks as the main accountant. Here, we do everything related to art: drawings, paintings, merchandise, digital art and more! Please support us by purchasing our products.
Pricing and style
Hello! Do you want a self-portrait of yourself or a fictional character in a chibi style? Here’s the link to order!
The first 5 people will get a 10% discount!
Adviser Team
Mr Wong, Mr Seow, Mr David, Mr Teng
We are the advisers of ChromaGeeks and are entrusted with a mission to help others think creatively and create better values of life. We have an Idea that is fruitful to this mission. This is to empower our students to practise [Learn it, Make it & Sell it] Learning model in founding a venture by themselves. We practise 'Learn by Doing' through founding ChromaGeeks.We want to cultivate and develop more creative Thinkers & Entrepreneurs from a young age!
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